Sustainable Fashion

In collaboration with Remake and Adalinda, a project was launched to look at worker health and safety together with designers, operating officers, and founders of fashion companies. WHWB-US helped fund the first public forum on sustainable fashion on November 7 in lower Manhattan. The event included about a dozen committed and concerned individuals, mainly from the fashion industry. The discussion included the NYC shirtwaist factory fire and Rana Plaza. Having an experienced buyer participate in the discussion underlined the complexity of interrelationship of occupational and environmental health and economics. This meeting served as a springboard for future events and projects. WHWB-US board members Jennifer Galvin and Mary O’Reilly will continue to advise on worker health and safety, while partnering organizations will focus on integrating this and other sustainable practices into the fashion industry. We’re excited to begin breaking ground on this new and exciting project!

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